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Major Refurb Strand on the Green
Pat Walsh Ltd are currently undertaking a major refurbishment on Strand on the Green Grid on behalf of the Port of London Authority which involves renewing sacrificial wear timbers on the grid beams and vertical support piles; strengthening the concrete support beams; and recasting reinforced support beams.
Pat Walsh Ltd will also be replacing all the old steel bracketry with galvanised channel and studding, safeguarding the future of this valuable river asset.
Teddington Wier
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Crane Barge - Bertha will be working alongside the Environment Agency and with Jackson Civil Engineering. Pat Walsh Ltd will provide the floating crane to enable essential maintenance works on the radial wiers at Teddington.
Richmond Landing Stage
Pat Walsh Ltd undertook work to replace sacrificial wear timbers on Richmond Landing Stage for Westminster Passenger Services Association. This project also involved the replacement of mooring piles, replacement of embarkation steps and general maintenance on this historic structure to enable its continued use.
Mudlarks Jetty - Walcon
Pat Walsh Ltd undertook this overhaul and refurbishment on behalf of Walcon Marine. The jetty and marina, on the North Greenwich Peninsula, received a partial overhaul and maintenance after falling into disrepair.